Death + Eight of Swords, Monstarot + Legends


Something is bugging us, and as trapping us. There's some deep resistance to what's happening going on!!

We have a hard time seeing the potential in the situation?
For some reason, it's easier to feel the pain. To focus on what we can't change or influence.

Isn't that interesting?
Why do we 'do this to ourselves'?!

Oh, but it's so hard to breath!!
Yes, but we've got a mask on...! 
In one form or another our own thinking (swords) is choking us (S8).

Yep. There's an ending involved. 
But why be "mad" at one of the most natural, and in fact predictable, things in the world - change, that things come and go, live and die. 
Again, is it because it disrupts.
Our rut.
The 'safe existence' we've built for ourselves.
Someone or something is shaking our boat - and we don't like it.
Our heads are totally preoccupied. 

We neglect or miss the opportunity in the situation.
The fact that the sun always rise again.
That there's in fact a gift coming with this transformation.
Look, it's right there!
Just a little to the right!

Can you please stop obsess and lift your eyes (reverse view) for ONE second!!

Look at that beautiful little white rose!
"full of life, power for purification"

Deck: #Monstarot
Theme: "lighthearted depth, playful seriousness"
Deck: #LegendsTarot
Theme: "embracing the light while dancing with the dark"

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