Ace of Wands + Nine of Swords, Shadowscape + Holy Grail


A lost battle doesn't equal a lost war.

The cards suggest lack of personal energy and painful loss.
The journey in the name of truth can be rough from time to time.
Heavy days are a part of the journey, and a great part of healing and becoming the best version of You.

Friends and soulmates enters your life for a reason, a season and some, for life.
Those that want or need to leave you must let do so.
You are not "left behind", all is a part of something much greater than you can grasp.
You can and should only do YOUR part, to the best of your knowledge.

You have - bravely like a crusader - followed and fought for what you believe in.
Some battles are lost, but The Quest continues.

Feel no shame, feel no regret - it won't change the past.
And shouldn't. Everything 'happen for a reason'.
Some doors close so others open.
Things changing and leaving, make room for something new.

But that doesn't mean 'think positive'.
It's ok to sit with the pain, to grieve.
To sit with your feelings.
There's no hurry. 

Deck: ShadowscapeTarot
Theme: "There's No Turning Back"
Card: Ace of Wands (R)

Deck: HolyGrailTarot
Theme: "The Quest"
Card: Nine of Swords - Pain
"Despair, terror, abandonment"

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