Ace of Wands, Mary-el Tarot


It might be that things feel intense right now - very intense.

As can be when new shit is coming alive :)
New shit that excites us, but at the same time triggers old wounds, fears and patterns.

No need to worry or hurry!

Just like you shouldn't hurry a birth, but follow the birthing process of the body.

Not the easiest thing when there's so much will, so much energy, and passion involved.

We must focus on not getting overwhelmed, without killing the potential.
Like when you 'tame' a wild horse - you want to make connection and direct the unbridled energy, but not cage the soul and eradicate the aliveness.
We must not move forward too fast.
We must take our time to meet and great unconscious content breaking through. 
We must engage in a dance with the whirling energies - with regular brakes, to allow all parts within to absorb the new, have their say, and process all the change and expansion.
#InternalFamilySystems #NoBadParts

It might feel too much, it might feel exhausting, but if we don't try to fight or rush it and just see it for what it is - a birthing process - I bet all will be fine, eventually :)
Lets enjoy the ride!
#Expansion #growth

Deck: #MaryelTarot
Theme: "Landscapes of the Abyss (the unconscious)"

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