Ace of Wands, Magical Dogs Tarot


A new beginning that halted before it even begun - a spark that didn't catch fire?

Our sense of enthusiasm and motivation might suddenly have left us.

Will it never blaze or is it a necessary delay?
We cannot possibly know.
We might be able to affect the outcome though - but not through mere waiting.

Time alone doesn't heal.

Lets not just sit around and 'wait for an answer'. Wait for things to happen. Wait for things to 'turn around'.
Let's not let this knock on our motivation drag us into total apathy.
Let's Do The Work.

Which is not to run away from our feelings either!
(Then they will find the next best opportunity to 'knock us down')

Maybe, or probably, it's an opportunity for us.
To reflect on why we've been knocked down.
Or rather, why we feel we've been knocked down.
Fact: something has happened. Feelings have been triggered.
Will we use this to our advantage or to our disadvantage?
Will we choose to sink into the moat or grow from what's happening?

Fact: nothing on the outside can knock us down unless we allow it.
Feeling down isn't the same things as being down (we are not our emotions).
What's the story we tell ourselves about what's happening, and why?
What in the past colors our present perception (to our own detriment)?

"The sand of the desert are always in motion, erasing all signs of the past"

Let's embrace what we feel but rewrite the narrative around it - for our own benefit, health and growth.
Not rushing the process.
Letting each step take its time.
Loyally, like a dog.

Deck: #MagicalDogsTarot
Theme: "loyalty beyond the ordinary"

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