Ace of Swords + Loyal, Dark Wood + She Whispers the Truth


How do you 'handle' your thoughts?!

We have a hand coming out from a cloud, gripping a sword - newly sparked thoughts.
Thoughts seeming to be hoovering around Loyalty, regarding friends and family.
Maybe thoughts of a shadowy kind - wanting to lure you into the more shady corners of your mind. 

How to handle these?
How to find and release energy locked up in repressed elements in your unconscious, without getting lost in the Dark Woods?
How to manage your thoughts and stay loyal with people close to you not really interested in your perspectives, thoughts, values and commitments - relationships maybe not "built on equal and solid ground"?

I guess a great first step is to leave the victim coat on the hanger, even if it's an inviting garment to put on!
"Why doesn't anyone care what I feel? What I have to say? What I think? What I see? What I ... know.
Who I am."

Yes, why to we (generally) care so little so truly see and listen to each other?
Skipping around on the surface.
While we, as a group, sink deeper and deeper, and ... deeper, into despair.

Not my cup of tea!!
I love wandering the dark woods (metaphorically - NOT in real life).
I love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE depth!!

I just read "Focus on people you flow with" on an Instagram post in my feed.
Boom! Of course! Simple, right?!

But then how to 'flow with dear loved ones working on another frequency'?
How to jack into a frequency 'feeling lethal to your own soul' (still triggering repressed elements) for the moment being, in a healthy way?!

A relationship without depth feels so ... transactional, if you ask me. 
Is it loyalty to "play along" on that transactional level?
After all, as the 'spiritual geniuses say', you do best in 'meeting people were they're at".
Maybe just Whispering Your Truth - not shoveling it down their throat.

Man, that takes practice, dealing with your own shit, and having the victim coat in galaxy far, far away!

Deck: #DarkWoodTarot
Theme: "unleashing energy locked in repressed elements" "discover what you are made of"
Card: Ace of Swords

Deck: #SheWhispersHerTruth
Theme: -^-
Card: Loyalty
"All of my relationships are built on equal and solid ground. I am freely there for friends and family, gaining the exact same commitment in return."

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