Ace of Swords, Healing Tarot


The power is in the mind - really?

I like how the interpretation says "rely on mind and reason", but image show a stabbed brain :D

I want to write, trust flashes and thoughts of insight - without second-guessing or penetrate them :)
There's 'inspiration for healing in the air', don't butch this by overthinking.

There's been ego resistance for a number of days now, which you seem to have handled quite well.
Now some 'freed energy burst forth'?!
Let it!

Maybe it's scary if you've been in #freezemode for a long time. 
It might feel foreign. 
I now it does for me!

Let's not kill it or scare it away :)

That doesn't mean we have to rush into action.
My experience is that pushing also can chase away inspiration, if it's source is an insecure (wounded) inner child.
Inspiration in this case, I think, should be enjoyed. 
Savored like a good glass of wine (says she who rarely feast on alcohol).
Appreciated like a nice cappuccino :)

Like you want to encourage an uncertain child to express their selves without interruption. 
That's the most important thing. 
Listen and 'be there' #RelationshipMatters #Attunement
Not to immediately 'adultify it' - plan, do, manifest 
Instead experiment, experience, play.

Today - encourage and embrace inspiration, and maybe even a little daydreaming if that's your thing!

Deck: #HealingTarot

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