Ace of Pentacles, Wizards Tarot


Potential unlocked, use it wisely!

So, yesterday we had the AoS, here follows AoP. 
Yesterday we had emerging thoughts, guiding us within into dark corners, showing us where we had energy stuck in repressed elements (Dark Wood Tarot).

It seems as we managed the walk in the woods without getting lost and even found and unlocked a box with stuffed away goddies!
We resisted the temptation to put on the victim coat and sit soaking in a corner, and actually managed the thoughts our brain delivered to us objectively and compassionately. We listened, we followed the useful ones, and kindly discarded or transformed the rest.

That's one good way to free energy - not running after your thoughts down every rabbit hole - most of them (per research) being negative!
But also, when cultivating a good relationship with your thoughts/brain, and having mindful conversations around/with them/it and becoming aware of what's really true and what's BS, you strip away layer after layer of old conditioning - and unleash to real You! 

If this isn't magic/wizardry I don't know what is :)

It takes a lot of practice with that wand though - getting the words, moves and timing right!
And lots of listening to and reading books from Wizards having done their work before us, and kindly documenting their processes and insights.
Unlearning the old, unveiling the real.

Carry on my dear! You're right on track!
It might feel a little 'cold and scary' not knowing what's waiting before you, but know you're guided as long as you're willing to listen and learn!

Deck: #WizardsTarot
Theme: "Mandrake Academy - The School of Magic and Wizardry" 
Card: Ace of Pentacles

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