Fire Heavy: Inspiration is an important keyword for the year. Follow your heart. 

Mutable: you should be easily capable of adapting to change-maybe to a fault. The experiences encountered during this year call for planning, modifying and adjusting. It is a year of adjustment and preparation.

Signature. Mutable-Fire: Sagittarius. 

Southern Hemisphere: the own growth. Emotional development.

Angular houses (7): eventful year with new beginnings. Taking initiative.

Pattern: Locomotive. This pattern insinuates that you have the power of a locomotive to drive you through the year.
Driving planet: Sun (Sagittarius 1st).
This is the "engine" that will drive you throughout the year. The planet defines what type of energy steers you, and its house describes the area of life that operates as a driving force throughout the year. This is also a year when your personal leadership skills might emerge, enabling you to use the energy of the leading planet to direct others. At another level, it also represents the "part" of you that is taking the initiative to lead you to where you need to go.
House 1, and chart ruler(s) - Scorpio, ruled by Mars (Gemini 8th) Pluto (Capricorn 2nd)

Asc in natal 2nd.
You will project a powerful persona this year. Intense, mysterious. 
Look deeply inside yourself. Allow transformation and regeneration. 
2nd natally - how I earn money will take central stage. Finances, personal assets, self-worth. All things I rely on for survival. Water - cultivate emotional resources. 

Where it is located in the solar return chart, there you will be challenged to function independently and to start something new.
Prove my creativity. Find something you love and pursue it. Enjoy the year. 

Motto for the year: I am creative. Watch me prove it.

5th natally Aquarius. 

Taurus - more practical, self-disciplined, down-to-earth - 6th and 7th (work place, relationships).

Gemini - more curious, flexible, open mind, learning - 8th (transformation).

Cancer - create security, do what needs to be done, support - 8th (transformation)

Leo - take more pride, shine - 9th (Higher learning)

Virgo - organize, slow down and take inventory - 10th (career)

Libra - share (responsibilities), balance, harmony, beautify - 11th (collective)

Scorpio - look under the surface, use what is, release - 1st (self)

Sagittarius - expansion, explore, more available than you thought - 2nd (resources, self-worth)

Capricorn - responsibilities, follow rules, ensure you have capabilities - 2nd (resources, self-esteem)

Aquarius - do things differently, outside comfort zone, flashes of insights - 3th (communication)

Pisces - blurry, trust in the unknown, faith - 4th (family, roots) (Neptune (R)


The Sun - where the light's always on (communication natally).
Where you need to take pride.
...where you can use your will consciously to accomplish something important. It qualifies, but does not replace, the meaning of its natal house. As you grow in this department of your life, it feeds back into the experiences ruled by the house of the natal Sun, enabling you to evolve as an individual.
Let your personality shine!

Moon - where you will be tested emotionally through small changes throughout the year - Sag, 3rd natally (career, mission, public life). Emotional focus on communication - results in 1st.

Waxing Moon

The New Phase - Initiation - start something new. Not always conscious of why.


Mars - the energy it takes, where energy needs to be extended, to fulfill Aries' needs - Gemini/8th, 9nd natally 

Jupiter S - new doors will open in 6th natally, express itself in Pi/4th SR.

Saturn - the force of reality - Aquarius/3th, 5th natally

Uranus - Taurus/6th SR, 8th natally - changes in 8th-->results in 6th.

Neptune - learn to distinguish illusion from reality in 6th, have results in 4th

Pluto - responsibility to the world at large, slow major change as a part of my evolution (or a refusal to change) - Capricorn/2nd, 4th natally

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