Practice and Learning

Internet is (like the unconscious) an infinite space, containing information. For example there is a endless amount of teachings, examples and tutorials. From almost an equally endless amount of artists.
    Here I've presented some exercises I've executed. Exercises found on Instagram and on Skillshare.
    This I do not do to become an artist. Not at all in fact. It is all done in an effort and further attempt to find my way back to my inner joy, my inner core, and help me find a sense of purpose and place/way to act. Practice how to express myself. What and how to express, and why. And - it also helps me develop my capacity to feel, see and understand why others say, feel, do, think  and act as they do. In other words: develop and work on my empathy.
      Therefore many exercises are way outside my comfort zone and 'personal liking' (and hence generally not particularly joyful). Just to widen my horizons, and evoke feelings of all kinds - and meditate on the source and cause of them. Why did I feel like that? How come I don't like this, but that? And also I find myself to like some things i didn't think I would like. All in continuous comparison with dreams, natal horoscope and Tarot cards. To learn about my own unconscious, and other's (as others are involved - teachers, viewers, likers). To learn more about how feelings, sensations, personal constitution, images, visions, dreams and planets are connected. 
     Like any person or athlete wanting to become better I spend very much time on getting familiar with, and strengthen my weaker (and also my unknown) sides. I am fairly convinced that the only way to really wake up from being asleep, and drifting away from nature and the personal birth given core (and get lost and invisible in 'society'), is to continuously work towards 'enlightenment', personal development and connection to the source (nature/universe/unconscious/TAO).

From Chaos to Harmony.

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