Voice Dialogue

Extracts from my personal version of it.

Yesterday I thought that I would make a inspiring speech about "Judgement" to you today.
But today I sensed something different.
And followed it.
(with the ordinary headache as a reaction because of some inner resistance to this)

The Achiever: Hey, ho, Hey! Wait a minute, what's happening here? Are we not going back to "go" again now? Are we beginning something "new" that is basically the same thing as what we have been doing for six - S*I*X - years without results?! I really don't follow her thinking.

Part 7


Also, thank you for steering the ship

Part 6


Just for clarification, I AM a woman you know. How to proceed from that?

Part 5


The Achiever: I refuse to continue this nonsense reading! There are never any results from it.

Part 3-4


The Traditionalist: I don't like this a bit.

Part 2


More Selves enters the dialogue