Mission: Prosperity


Impossible or doable?

(Yes, I dream of Tom Cruise every now and then)

(A more and more aware) Ego (with moral support from New World Daughter, Inner Passion, Inner Child, Mrs Wife and spirituality) - and supporting insertions from Creating True Prosperity:

So, my massive headache and recurring stomach pain tells me that there is some considerable resistance and inability to digest what's happening now, and all the information that is pouring in. 

I can see Mr Pusher is twisting and turning in his chair. I can feel the frustration of The Achiever. Not to mention the rage from The Traditionalist. The Pleaser is not that comfortable either. The Solver is about to leave the room. The Child is afraid. 

Our reality is expanding, fast. Our foundation is shaking. 
We are growing.


The life of living, chasing and believing in others' dreams, fulfilling others' needs and desires has reached and passed its expiration date. Going others' paths have been our way to learn - as we saw no other (our) way, there was nothing fundamentally wrong about what we have been doing. In the past. We have to search for our own way to prosper.

But. Skipping around on others' paths, following external guidance, have certainly made me "doubt or deny our own true power". Left me standing here feeling "somewhat helpless to meet our own needs", as I feel that I've never managed that in the past. I'v repressed my true needs deep down, and covered them too I think, as I can't seem to find them!

So now I stand here in front of you, filled with that "great yearning, but we [I] don't know exactly what it's for". As I have chased things that has been quite "far off our mark" for almost 40 years now I can definitely sign on "So we focus on external things..." "...hoping they will bring us satisfaction. Some of them do and some don't, depending on how closely they match what we really want."

Therefore, the primary homework now is under the following heading: "Ultimately, we don't find lasting satisfaction until we consciously acknowledge our true needs and desires, and learn how to fulfil them". 


Change is uncomfortable. Necessary nonetheless.   

I know there is a lot of confusion, anger, anxiety, fear, and resistance among you, as I mentioned earlier. I feel it, I see the outer reflections.
I respect it. 

But I'm afraid that it's the way it has to be for (yet) a while.
There's a new King (queen) in town, and it will take time to find new routines for all of us.

Before finding balance it may be chaotic. It may be perceived by some as extreme to the opposite side of what we are used to - the pendulum may have to swing over to the other side, before it can settle in the middle(ish).


I have already thanked The Controller/Protector for the great work he has performed so far, but now it's time for me to enter the throne - better late than never. 

I know many of you have trouble trusting me, especially as your leader, which I fully understand considering our history. But I will do all in my power to feel and listen to all of you, and to the messages the universe is mirroring to us - from the inside and the outside. 

Together we have the capacity to "acknowledge our true needs and desires, and learn how to fulfil them" 

This includes all 4 rings - the emotional, the spiritual, the mental and the physical.

O  Healing spiritually requires "developing a strong connection with our soul."
O  Mentally we need "to become aware of our core beliefs, release those that limit us, and open to more supportive ideas and greater understanding."
O  We must "accept and experience the full range of our feelings"
O  And, continue to "honour and care for our body."

It's an process that "lasts our entire lifetime."


"When we are committed to our personal growth and we feel we need to do something for our learning or healing process, and it it is truly right for us, the money [prosperity] will be there too."