Four of Wands, Bride´s Tarot


Times of achievements in regards to love and happiness - CELEBRATION!

W4 two days in a row - we're on to something here!

We live in "challenging times".
But we've truly deeply begun to feel and accept that whatever happens is for growth (evolutionary speaking), and that we have an important role to play - each and everyone of us.
To unite with and master ourselves, and act from a place of authentic power, though there are no clear answers (yesterday).

For Love.
To reclaim our natural state - Happiness!
To thrive rather than survive!

Only through active choice and action can we "achieve" happiness.
Or rather, by removing whatever it is that covers the happiness we are.
Think of the little infant, giggling and thriving in its cradle, unbeknownst of any reason to be unhappy - that's how most of us start out, then we "learn" otherwise.
We "just" have to unlearn that :) 


The only real "dream/goal" I've ever had, is to get married (41 and single... :D)
And/or, to Be Happy Ever After.

We are NOT (generally speaking) raised and taught to prioritize happiness. 
Rather, we are taught to seek that which will 'make us happy'.
That there are a bunch of stuff to do before we can be happy - or before we are even allowed to think about happiness.
Like 'happiness is for our spare time'...!

As this card shows - I'm done contributing to this old system/narrative!

There's no way to happiness - happiness is the way!
Thank you #MoGawdat for reminding me, spreading it around the world in your lovely scientific (yet intuitive, loving and all-embracing) way!

Deck: #BridesTarot
Theme: "insight to your love"
Card: Four of Wands

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