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Cheers soulmate, wherever you are!

I trust that the universe has a plan.



"...the human nervous system can't tell the difference between a real event and an imagined event.

Conjuring the sensations of what it will be like to share your life with another not only changes the way you feel, it can alter your attitude, your posture, and even guide you toward new behaviors."

"The point is, it is not necessary for you to know how or where or when your soulmate will appear. Your only work right now is to begin to nurture the belief that he or she exist and that you will find each other when the time is right."

"If we want to attract life partners who are happy, passionate, and empowered, we must first seek to generate these feeling within our-selves."

"The universal Law of Attraction states that we draw to us those people, events, and circumstances that match our inner state of being. In other words, we attract experiences that are consistent with our beliefs."

"Action is an essential part of the equation that simply cannot be skipped."

Obvious actions, and inspired actions.

"...your part of the deal is to act on the inspirations that arise from within,
even if logically they don't make sense."

"Timing and destiny are inevitably entwined
and we must learn to trust the divine unfolding of each."

("There is a huge difference between taking inspired action and taking compulsive action.")

~ The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction ~

Lost - or not yet found (seen)?

"We need a witness to our lives."

"There are a billion people on the planet.... I mean, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you're promising to care about everything - the good things, the bad things, the mundane things - all of it, all the time, every day. You're saying,
'Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because
I will be
your witness."

Shall We Dance, quote 


"...I didn't always know exactly what I wanted,
but I was always sure of how I would
feel when I got my heart's desire." 

"It's the feeling - not the image - that holds the power to attract."

~ Arielle Ford, The Soulmate Secret ~


I may (certainly) not have the best of imaginations, but feelingizations I've got plenty and a lot! 


Thank you dear Universe for your, peculiar, guidance. 
I know I'm underdeveloped and stubborn when it comes to seeing it and accepting it, but I'm working on it.

"Scorpio 20


~ Sabian Oracle ~


"In the depths,
she has lost her inner light,
while the world has lost her radiance."


The right brain - a bottomless pit of possibilities.
It's no coincidence nature has blessed us wit it...and it's "magic" contents.
When will we (collectively) heed?

The Three "Only" Things - Robert Moss

"In our everyday speech, in our unconsidered reflexive behaviours, we discount or put down dreams, coincidence, and imagination as only this or that.
     Ironically, these three "only" things are extraordinary sources of guidance, healing, and power - if we will only pay attention.


The 9 Powers of Dreaming

1) We solve problems in our sleep.
2) Dreams coach us for future challenges and opportunities
3) Dreams can hold up a magic mirror to our actions and behaviour
4) Dreams show us what we need to do to stay well
5) Dreams are a secret laboratory
6) Dreams are a creative studio
7) Dreams help us to mend our divided selves
8) Dreaming is a key to better relationships
9) Dreams recall us to our larger purpose

The 9 Rules of Coincidence

1) These are things that like to happen together
2) Thoughts are actions and produces effects
3) Coincidence multiplies when we are in motion
4) Life rhymes
5) The world is a forest of symbols
6) Every setback offers an opportunity
7) To find our way, we may need to get lost
8) Look for the hidden hand
9) The passions of the soul work magic

7 Secrets of Imagination

1) By picturing our blocks, we can move beyond them
2) The body believes in images
3) If we can see our destination, we are better than halfway there
4) The Big Story is hunting us
5) There is a place of imagination, and it is entirely real
6) We can grow a vision for someone in need for a vision
7) The stronger the imagination, the less imaginary the results


"When we claim the power of the Three Only Thing, we connect with extraordinary sources of direction, healing, and energy.
     We also become citizens of two worlds.

The left and right brain world.
Yin and Yang.

Without the "magic" in the right brain life is reduced to something mechanical and... not living. Not flowing. Mechanics.

It is through "magic" we...

"...remember that there is a world beyond the obvious one, and that it is there we reawaken to who we are and what we are meant to become."

"Two weeks before he was murdered in Ford's Theatre, Lincoln dreamed he was roaming the White House at night, and was surprised to find the place largely deserted - though all the lights where on - until he came to a room where a body was laid out in state. He asked a guard who was dead in the White House and was told that the president had been assassinated."

"...when he was just fourteen, Winston Churchill told a school friend at Harrow that he had dreamed that one day he would be required to lead the country and "save the capital and the empire"."

"Our dreams are constantly coaching us for challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We see things in our dreams that later take place in physical reality; this is called precognition. We also see things that may or may not happen, depending on whether we do something with the information."

"...clinical studies strongly suggest that people suffering from symptoms of depression start to recover when dream function increases..."

"Our bodies know what is going on inside them, and they speak to us about this in dreams..."

For nature to know, for us to find out.

"Inventor Elias Howe had a dream that showed him where to put the hole in the sewing machine needle"

"We also learn in dreams, that the part of ourselves that thinks and chooses in ordinary circumstances is not the wisest part of ourselves, and it may be utterly clueless about what really matters - such as the reason we came into a body in this world in the first place."


"One of the worst things to say to a child is "It's only a dream". To kids, dreams are [still] real. Trying to convince them otherwise is experienced as a form of abandonment."

It hurts not to be seen. It hurts to be heard. It hurts when your inner world (half of you) is neglected. 

"When we give children our undivided attention as they tell a dream, we are helping them to claim their voices and become story-tellers and communicators."


I long for someone to share dreams with. 


Honour the dream.

"...turn it into a story, a performance, a drawing..."

It is not "only".
It's not meaningless just because we (at the moment) can see, measure and/or accept the reasons and source.

"Think of what happens when you toss a set of pick-up sticks. [aka "plockepinn"]. Slow down the motion in your mind's eye, and imagine the sticks coming down very slowly, over an extended period of time. Now imagine a minuscule being who experiences long gaps between the arrival of objects that seem to be falling from thin air and who cannot see where they are coming from. When the observer sees two or more of these objects arrive at the same time, he is amazed and says, "what a coincidence!". When he travels a great distance and finds an object resembling the ones he has just seen, his surprise deepens. When similar objects continue to appear, over variable time intervals, he is astounded. From where he stands, the fall of each stick (or clumping of sticks) is an independent occurrence. It resembles something that happens before or after, but is not causally connected in any way that he can see. He does not know what the game player (a giant invisible to him) knows: events that manifest at discrete points in space and time, as experienced by the minuscule observer, are the result of a single movement on another plane.)"

"...the very nature of the symbol is to carry us beyond what we know to what we do not yet know (or remember), and for this reason the meaning and valence of symbols is often obscure to the little, everyday mind."

"We need to take dreams more literally and the incidents of waking life more symbolically."

"If we can manage not to spend too much time feeling sorry for ourselves, or raging over what has gone wrong [according the left brain], we have a chance of finding opportunity in almost every setback."
    ... "I've come to believe that some of the blocks and setbacks we encounter in life are placed on our paths ... to save us from compounding mistakes, to make us take a longer view of our issues - and encourage us to shift direction and notice better options."

"Chance favours the prepared mind"
Louis Pasteur

"Creators actively court chance. They're always ready to notice and amplify with insight some accident of their environment virtually everybody else thinks is trivial or fails to notice."

To see the "magic" in mistakes and the ordinary.

The Coincidence Game.

"...write down the theme on which you need guidance..."

"Carry that question with you. Then pretend that the first unusual or unexpected thing that enters your field of perception is a personal message to you from the universe, containing the answer to your question."

"Take a ride or walk - observe the surroundings 
Play the car radio game - listen to the first song/commercial
Play the book-skimming game - open a random book"

"The Japanese word for diviniation is ura or uranai, and it means getting in touch with "what is behind". We again have that theme of sneaking a peek behind the curtain of the visible world."

"The art is to learn to read the patterns of what wants to happen in a given moment."

"No child should be permitted to grow up without exercise for imagination. It enriches life for him. It makes things wonderful and beautiful."
Mark Twain


Tonight I dreamed that gave one of my nephews 3 hats. Not all at once, but fairly close. 3 in a day or so maybe. I laughed when I realised that it might be a little bit unnecessary to give her 3 hats so close. But she was very happy, because she loved hats, and really didn't mind to have more to choose from!
Shortly thereafter I gave the children flower bouquets. I quickly realised that I only had 2 bouquets - but there where three children [2 in reality]. I was much worried that I would hurt the one not getting flower, but swiftly solved it by saying, "one for each room", as I new 2 of the children shared rooms. 


My inner child, and inner being, really resonates with these "only":s. I certainly love these three "hats"! Any thinking performed without connection the right brain (wearing one of the hats) is incomplete thinking. Pure rational - mechanical. Unreal. Virtual.

But what about the flowers? 

Only 2 of these three "onlys" are flowering in me. I do (since 4 years) pay close attention to my dreams, and I try (to the best of by current capacity) to be receptive to the beauty of coincidences.
     But, imagination is heavily underdeveloped - or lacking? Something that has bothered me for the greater part of my life. 

I'm quite curious to which of the two who "shares room". Can underdeveloped imagination be strengthen by dreams or coincidence?! Or is it well enough to use two of them?


I deeply long for someone to share and talk dreams with. To scout coincidences and their significance with. To follow the stars with. To belly-laugh with. To be myself and to be whole with.


Also tonight, I dreamed about squash - the vegetable. Which I "use to grow - big ones" [true], as I tell someone in the dream. In the dream I had finally started to grow them again, but not in the same size as before yet. And I think I grew them inside in the dream, not in a garden.
     Additionally, I felt in the dream that I probably picked them a little to early - while still quite small. (I have a tendency to force things, not "let them grow", when my left brain take over the process) I had also given some one away I think.
      Maybe this very writing is that "to early", "to eager" - before it has sunken in and rooted. But the fruit in the dream were, although small, ripe and tasted crispy and good!

Anyhow, to honour this dream, and to actively activate my left-right-dialogue, I will probably go to the store tonight and buy some squash - although I have no conscious need thereof, although I very rarely buy that particular vegetable, although I had not planned to go to the stores today!

To show willingness to listen.
To show willingness to learn. 
To show willingness to see.
To show willingness to play!

To see what wants to happen.

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