In the Moment 12

Earlier moments.


"Sometimes, when you first try to contact your inner child, nothing seems to happen. Be willing to be patient. Sometimes the child is not yet ready to trust you. The child may hold back until it knows that you really want this contact and that you're willing to be responsible and consistent with the contact.
    If you have difficulty contacting your child through meditation, let it go and find other ways to include your child in your life.

Awakening: A Daily Guide to Conscious Living
~ Shakti Gawain ~

April 14

Many people have gotten safety and security mixed up with money. Most of us, to some degree, are motivated by fear when it comes to money. We feel that somehow money can give us security. [...]
    But underneath, we are basically trying to take care of our inner child. Money is a way of trying to make the child safe when we're not in touch with the child's real needs. But money is not necessarily what the child wants. We need to be in communication with the child, find out what the child really needs, and give it.

"What does my inner child really want?"