Copic Markers

Some different galleries below. Perspectives of me. Cartoon-ish things, mostly with the common denominator: My Little Pony. I sort of prefer to have something to frame me, or rather - something to guide me. Here that thing became the colourful ponies from my childhood! Finding it fun to find the matching one to every piece. Either by name or by it's symbol. 

    Then there are also some galleries with more realistic motives. 

All uploaded images are small, low quality jpg:s. I go for quantity, not quality - the more the merrier - as my space is limited!
     New pictures get added last in the gallery. Out of administrative convenience I leave it like that - as that's were they appear.

Latest added picture: 20190203

Me, My Self, and I

Cartoon-ish 3

Cartoon-ish 2

Cartoon-ish 1

Flower Study

Animal Study